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Years ago the elders of the city entombed their dead in a small underworld necropolis beneath the Temple of Quiet Passage. The temple priests became caught up in strange events and foul creatures that resulted in the destruction of the temple and scattering of the flock a couple of hundred years ago.

Forgotten Catacombs

Forgotten Catacombs

Since then the neighbourhood has been revitalized and changed and is mostly mercantile based these days with The Plaza of Passage being the city’s main open market during the week. Somewhere along the way, sewers were added to help keep the streets clear and encourage business. In the process of building the sewers the old crypts were rediscovered and then resealed.

But a small local gathering of the faithful have returned, and they still entomb their dead within these catacombs. Of course, they look quite suspicious as they collect in the evening with their dead body, sneak into the sewer system and from there into the old crypts where they find a place for their recently departed.

A perfect red herring to add a bit of depth to a city scene.

Or, of course, the whole thing might have just been reopened by a foul necromancer and hoards of undead are now threatening the city and crawling up out of the sewers. Whatever works for your campaign.

When I started on this map I said to myself “A nice small set of crypts forgotten under the city streets where a church used to be… should take me a couple of hours tops”.

Turns out my pens don’t ever actually listen to me.


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