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So I finally started messing around with my setup for recording again and put this video together. I was inspired by a work in progress shot by @dmquill, and wanted to try out double-lining the walls of a map while also using my crosshatching.

Because it was a test of a new style, I really rushed through this map and drew the whole thing in 40 minutes. The quality isn’t great and I might redraw it completely at some point in the future. I just really wanted to see how the style would work out for me, and it unfortunately looked better in my head than on paper.

But I promised myself that even when I don’t like a map, I’ll post it. So here we have a quick and rough version of Bela’s Cove.

Bela's Cove

Bela’s Cove

This little pirate cove is based on one from a game of NeoClassical Geek Revival I was playing in with Zzarchov as the GM. Our new pirate allies knew of a place where other pirates often hid their loot, and they recommended that we could sneak in, grab what we could and then get out as long as there wasn’t a pirate galleon anchored nearby.

And indeed, the cove was mostly abandoned… because a vampire traveling from Romania by boat had been waylayed by pirates on the high seas and now found himself here, feeding off a the few pirates left here as guards and the coffle of slaves they had stashed here as part of their treasure.


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