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This afternoon I get to sit down with the group I’ve been playing Empire of the Petal Throne with for over 2 years after what feels like months of downtime (which I believe is actually 4 weeks of missed games for me between my own travel and the DM’s). So what better time to crack out yet another My Private Jakalla map!

The goal of this long-term project is to make a large set of maps that interconnect to produce something thematically similar to the original Jakallan Underworld map that M.A.R. Barker used in his Empire of the Petal Throne games.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1N

My Private Jakalla – Map 1N

This portion of the undercity extends the theme of ruins and sewers. I really got into the old “gridded” section in map 1M that had been buried in ditlana that dates back at least one or two beyond the most recent one (Ditlana is the ritual destruction and rebuilding of the city). The grid remnants here have been partially co-opted for sewers and tied into the passages that in turn were buried in the most recent ditlana.

My Private Jakalla Connections Map

My Private Jakalla Connections Map

This map connects to 1M to the west, 1B to the south and to areas just north of 1C to the east (probably to be detailed next month in map 1O). Sewer lines run downhill towards the river to the north, and while this region has no connections to the surface of the city, it does have a set of stairs in the old ruins that lead down to level 2.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1N - no grid

My Private Jakalla – Map 1N – no grid

Like most of the undercity regions, this one also has an old temple structure buried within it. The structures in the middle of the map are from an old civic building of the previous administration and old scrolls and codices are still molding on warped shelves within as sewage seeps into the space from a break into the city sewers. But connected by stairs to this civic building is a (probably) abandoned shrine commemorating the travel of the amber souls of city administrators under the guidance of Belkhánu to the Paradises of Teretané.


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