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Priests of the Huntress in Umber maintain this stone church in the woods where the village of Spaldingfield once stood. Wandering through the woods around the church, one will find the few remnants of the old town – fireplaces and low stone walls where houses were before fire consumed the whole place.

Church of the Huntress in Umber

Church of the Huntress in Umber

Tales (propagated by the priests) are that the Huntress in Umber pursued the invading forces that burned the place down and killed them one by one until none remained. A demon or goddess of vengeance (depending on who you ask), the Huntress is no friend to any save those who seek vengeance for wrongdoings actual or imagined.

Some believe the priests can summon the Huntress for those that demand her aid. Others claim the priests protect (or are members) of a secret order of assassins that purposefully misrepresent themselves as the Huntress in Umber.


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