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On the mysterious southern continent there are two competing colonies from the major powers in the north – Linyaró (which I posted a map of previously) and the more fortified colony of Nuróab. Between the two, in the gulf of Teriyál, is the smuggler and pirate haven of Hritlà.



Built into a narrow bay surrounded by cliff walls, Hritlà is well protected from both the elements and from easy notice from passing traffic. For the ne’er-do-wells who use this small port it has an additional benefit in the form of a network of limestone caves that break out into the bay and are used to house overflow populace when large boats come in and of course for the storage of contraband and stolen goods to be slowly eked back out to the colonies at exorbitant profits.

The caves provide one last benefit – a way for the locals to disappear when things get ugly. The caves open up into the bay in at least three locations, but also have at least a dozen openings into the deep forests of the southern continent – a number of which are used as emergency escape routes should government forces ever find the bribes they receive to look the other way insufficient.

This map of Hritla is one I drew during our 93rd or so game session of Empire of the Petal Throne. The name, description, and details were all created by James Maliszewski, with the regional material built up from hints and scraps from the various Tekumel sourcebooks over the years – this is just my translation of the location to paper during the game session.


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