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Sometimes you just need a little map of a place. Saryer’s Overlook filled that need during a one-shot B/X D&D game last month. A small fortified community on the Manticore Peninsula, it looks down on the ocean below and is usually the first sign of civilization for those coming on boat to explore the ancient ruins of the deep forests beyond.

Saryer's Overlook

Saryer’s Overlook

At first the name applied only to the small castle and the walls thereof – occasionally called Salyer’s Fort on some maps of the local area. Over the last fifteen years the structures have expanded twice, extending new curtain walls to enclose various structures including guild halls, churches, mercenary quarters – and later a tall structure to roost the giant bats that have been tamed and ridden by the older explorers of the Manticore Peninsula.

Initially subsisting on imported foods and what could be hunted and scavenged in the forests, as Saryer’s Overlook expanded so did the safety it provided and it is now surrounded by a cleared area of farmland that extends up to a mile or two from the walls. The docks a little further down the coast have also expanded and are detailed here: [Sirenhearth Docks]


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