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In the ruckus during and after last week’s incredible storm, it went almost unnoticed that a local pirate sloop, the Wight’s Shadow, went under. Not lucky enough to run ashore in the storm, Walford ‘Two Toes’ Shelley’s sloop ran into the reefs where she was badly holed, and sank.

Wreck of the Wight's Shadow (with grid)

Wreck of the Wight’s Shadow (with grid)

This became apparent to a few locals when Walford Shelley’s body washed ashore a few days later – but few knew the pirate by sight, especially after a couple of days floating in the drink.

But of course, Two-Toes Shelley was carrying something special that night. Tucked into the secret storage room on the lowest deck is a small box containing none other than the MacGuffin. The very MacGuffin the players and their enemies seek, that was snuck out from under their noses not a week earlier.

Wreck of the Wight's Shadow (no grid)

Wreck of the Wight’s Shadow (no grid)

Looks like it is time to stock up on water breathing magics. We’ve got a sunken ship to explore.


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