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The clear waters of the Yashek Rill flow out of the hills south of town. If you follow the small river about two hours into the hills you come to where it flows out of a large tumble of rocks at the base of Purloined Hill – and if you insist on following it further into those rocks, you will find yourself in Brinkman’s Cave.

Brinkman's Cave

Brinkman’s Cave

Sages say that Brinkman’s cave is a leftover of a much earlier human settlement – that there are sections of the caves that have obviously been shaped by human hands and primitive tools where texts extolling strange gods are carved into the stone in lost tongues. But the warnings are also clear – these texts don’t just extol the strange gods, but call for their aid in punishing interlopers and in summoning vestiges of the ancients that still linger in this place.

And of course, there are others who talk of the waterfall in the depths of Brinkman’s Cave, and that bathing a child beneath these waters on the night of the child’s first new moon will grant them great fortune, or at least distance them from dire fates already foretold.

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This map was drawn for Jen & Bob Brinkman who are putting together a pay-what-you-want DCC RPG adventure called “After the Storm” after their return from evacuating from the hurricanes late this summer. I’ll post again to the blog to let you know when the adventure is released.


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