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While much of the maze of old structures, basements, and temple substructures in the undercity is technically the domain of “cults” of the various gods of order and change, there are some areas that are either ignored and in ruins… or in this case have been taken over by a small cult of one of the Pariah Gods.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1Q

My Private Jakalla – Map 1Q

Nestled beneath the streets of the fine city, the Pariah Gods cult’s ritual space is at the lower left here, and they access the area via a secret door from a building basement in the central portion of the map that then leads almost directly to their worship space without crossing into areas of the undercity controlled by the approved temples.

My Private Jakalla Overview

My Private Jakalla Overview

More disturbing to someone who ends up investigating this Pariah cult is the secret stairs nearby. They lead up to a long-sealed hatch into a clanhouse, but also lead much deeper into the undercity – to areas sealed off and thought destroyed by ditlana who knows how many hundreds of years ago. The small Pariah cult operating here now has roots in a much older and larger cult.

My Private Jakalla - Map 1Q (no grid)

My Private Jakalla – Map 1Q (no grid)

This map section only connects to map 1P via the old crumbling ruins and passages to the north. Surface access is via the basement the pariah god cult uses to get to the lower sections of this map, and the secret spiral staircase near the basement access leads even further down into the undercity.


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