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Not all towns and cities are built along rivers, trade roads, and bays… Some boast the most spectacular scenery they can find, and in Thunderhead’s case, if the scenery isn’t good enough, the whole city travels to somewhere with even better views.



Thunderhead is built on magically resistant and strong “cloudstuff”. Once the domain of cloud giants and their kin, the city is now mostly populated by humans with a smaller population of avariels along with a number of aarakocra clans that nest beneath the city in the cloudstuff itself.

Chancellor Zamhatos, a potent sphinx storm sorcerer, doesn’t so much rule the city as maintain peace through threat of power and a network of favours and information that flows out from him to the major families in the cloud. A number of churches to most of the sky gods and stormy powers can be found in Thunderhead, and the city is considered a plum assignment by most associated clergies.


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