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We never did figure out exactly who built “the juicer”. A clever contraption using the water pressure of the underground river next to it, we did discover that the main chamber of the juicer could handle 16 myconids easily, and if you had someone to really pack them in it would probably “juice” two to three dozen at a time.

The Juicer

The Juicer

Honestly, with how foul Myconid Juice tastes, I’m sure it was used for something else when it was built. One of the local pech claims it was used by illithids to juice large quantities of brains – but it boggles the imagination that anyone would have that much grey matter at a time to juice; and Jortex points out that flayers would have used vertical shafts to travel up and down instead of the twisting staircases of the juicer.

But, there’s a market for Myconid Juice… supposedly it is important both in curing olive fungus infections as well as for making some more bizarre hallucinogens. So here we are, deep underground, running myconid slave pens and “the juicer”…

Sometimes I start doubting that we are still the “heroes” of this story.


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