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With all the weirdness and rushing around this month between Patreon and Christmas, I didn’t put up the usual poll to decide on what old maps would be re-released under the Release the Kraken process this month.

So instead I’m releasing one every day (except the days I normally release maps) for this week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday). These have all been drawn from amongst the oldest maps on the blog – chosen both for style and for those that I am able to clean up into usable releases.

Javelin Hill

Javelin Hill

From my “Ancient Kings” campaign back in 2012 (now known as the Fisher Kings of Sabre Lake), this is Javelin Hill, the small city that is the centre of one of the character’s holdings. For those nearby it is best known for the two dwarves in charge of the place – one the height of a hill giant, and the other of more typical dwarven scale.

Javelin Hill isn’t a great place for a city – its primary water source is the swamp just north of the hill and outside of the city walls. However, it’s the tallest hill in the area, offering a clear view over the forests and swamps nearby. That’s why the fortress was originally built here, but the ancillary structures of a larger town are somewhat overwhelming for the limited infrastructure of the area.


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