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Home to several extensive lineages of half elves, Carran Keep has become known as “half-elf city” to many living in other towns and cities in the region. The master of the keep’s lineage goes back to the days of the elven empire and the family has modified the slave tattoos of their elven clan lineage to a mark of pride (and made them significantly fancier and larger in the process). Family tattoos have become a fashion in the town, with about half the adult population now having their blood affiliation inked somewhere visibly upon them.

Carran Keep

Carran Keep

While the Carran clan maintains the walls and towers of the keep, the curtain walls for the town are not as well kept and rely upon the goodwill of the townfolk to maintain them. So far it hasn’t been a problem, but wooden floors are starting to rot out on a few of the guard towers and gates and are badly in need of replacing.

Carran’s economy is driven by three nearby silver mines and a few good horse-breeders. The Carran clan maintains itself through taxation of the residents, farmers and merchants, but also maintains a small treasury of goods and coins from adventuring members of the family.

Carran Keep (no screens)

Carran Keep (no screens)

A number of hooks can drawn characters to Carran Keep such as

  • the small selection of elven grimoires that the Carrans have in their library,
  • traditional problems with monsters in the silver mines,
  • a young adventurer of the Carran clan needing companions on their quests,
  • tracking down a lead about a half-elf thief who has gone to ground somewhere in the region


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