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The Manticore Peninsula wasn’t named at random. Many explorers of the region looking for the ancient temples and treasures of the Tauvec have encountered the fierce beasts. The Manticores’ Teeth is a cavern on a cliff face that peeks out over Hadrow’s Woods where a small family of manticores are known to roost. The cavern is or particular note because of the two natural-looking pillars of stone that cut across the entrance (thus the “teeth”).

The Manticore's Teeth

The Manticore’s Teeth

The cave beyond isn’t actually a natural cave, but an old Tauvec temple of the Lord who Listens to the Winds. The lower entrance to the temple has been completely covered by scree that has fallen from the cliff face, making the upper gallery the only viable entrance – which is of course the home of three manticores.

At the very back of the temple the remnants of a pair of tattered heavy tapestries frame the old altar to the Lord of Listens to the Winds. The niche behind the altar evidently held important religious hardware, but as usual, the Tauvec took their gold with them as they abandoned their old temples.


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