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One thing you saw in a number of classic D&D adventure modules were crazy long hallways to break parts of the dungeon apart. Part of it was so we could have more wandering monsters. Part of it was so the rest of the place wouldn’t rise up when adventurers noisily executed the guys in room 3. And part of it was so you could slip in the occasional sloping passage so characters wouldn’t realize they had transitioned between dungeon levels (and thus difficulty levels). To accommodate those long passages, this map was drawn on legal paper (8.5″ x 14″).

The Long Halls of Taqash Thesk

The Long Halls of Taqash Thesk

The Halls of Taqash Thesk were mostly cut from the raw stone using disintegration spells and then masonry was added to make them feel a little less alien. Since the ascension of the goat-king Taqash to the Realms of Pleasant Evenings, the halls have been used by a mixture of those who would claim his worldly powers, and those who seek to follow his ascent.


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