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Welcome back, travellers, to the Heart of Darkling – a series of free maps tied together by the underground Darkling River and the deep blackness of the Darkling Lake.

Heart of Darkling - the Augite Shore

Heart of Darkling – the Augite Shore

The Darkling River finally spills into the Darkling Lake in a region known as the Augite Shore. Augite is a black igneous stone with a glassy luster and the propensity to shear at nearly 90 degree angles, making it a remarkable stone for building with. To those coming down the river here, there is a sudden change in pressure and atmosphere as the roof opens up over the lake, and the walls reflect torchlight like shattered windows erected by giants.

About a hundred feet from where the river opens up into the lake is a small fortification built from augite blocks. Part of a guard post built by slaves of an earlier Aboleth overlord, it likely sits eerily empty now. But not unguarded.

Cheig’shun, the twin-tailed mutant Aboleth who controls this territory now, has no fondness for surface creatures and their methods. He leaves the fortress abandoned because he guards the area from under the waters, where his slaves anchor themselves to the lakebed and watch for boats and other intruders and wait…


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