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Duke Dorian (although we always called him Duke Eyebrows because… well… it looks like he has a pair of dire caterpillars arguing over which one gets to eat his eyeballs)…

Let me start over.

Duke Dorian's "Cottage"

Duke Dorian’s “Cottage”

Duke Dorian isn’t really a “duke”, more of a “guy who has a small private mercenary force, a lot of skill with a blade, and enough underground contacts to buy a real title if he wanted one”. He handles most business at his “cottage” – a squat and well defended stone structure back on Iron Chimes Lane. In traditional overblown badguy fashion, in front of his dais where he holds audiences is a pit trap that slides the unwary down into his fight pit where he keeps a quartet of rust monsters and a naked and violent hill giant with some serious brain damage.

There’s even a little room set aside to watch the festivities in the pit below, with wall made transparent through some strange alchemy or magic.


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