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In the heart of the swamp, Stirge Rock is a small fortification and settlement named after the best known of the local wildlife.

An outcropping of rock that has pushed up above the swampland (or at least not been completely drowned in it), Stirge Rock has always had a problem with the damned bloodsucking beasts it shares a name with. The folk of Stirge Rock are quite capable and hardy from generations of living in this hostile swamp environment.

Stirge Rock

Stirge Rock

Originally established a few generations ago, the inhospitable locale has lead to a fairly regular turnover in the local leadership and the fortification and settlement are currently “managed” by Lobouth Redgut, a red-bearded dwarf of incredibly foul temperament and brutality. Lobouth is nonetheless respected because he has lead the people in multiple battles defending the settlement from lizardfolk raiders and he has spent a significant portion of his personal funds to help import foods and other aid for the people of the town.


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