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“No, seriously folks, wasn’t there a giant emerald castle RIGHT HERE last time we were out this way?”

Big Damned Hole

Big Damned Hole

A sure sign that player characters have been somewhere is the smoke, bodies, and sheer scale of destruction left behind.

In this case, we once had a massive fortress on the edge of a ravine. Now we have a big damned (smoking) hole with a few bits of the fortress dungeons and research chambers left and one set of cracks leading all the way out to the floor of the ravine (left) and a set of ruined “steps” that lead up to the edge of the crater above (bottom right). The floor of the space is home to debris from the ruins above, huge boulders, and structural debris from the massive machinery that was once housed down here.

This map was used when we played “The Emerald Enchanter Strikes Back” in a Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign. We played through the original Emerald Enchanter adventure in a previous campaign, so it was a great flashback to the prior campaign without any spoilers.


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