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Travelling along the edge of the Dry Badlands of Korush en route to the City of Copper Bowls, you find half of the corpse of a young man clutching a small dragonhide sack containing the emperor’s emblem – a courier. The trail of blood leads from the body back into the Basilisk’s Caves…

Many know of the Basilisk’s Caves because of the tale of the ancient archmage Brasorin Zijes who’s petrified form was recovered from the badlands some eighteen hundred years after his petrification. Once he was extracted from the Basilisk’s Caves and de-petrified, he was a great source of information for sages seeking information about his era – until he was slain one again when he decided to try to take over the empire.

The Basilisk's Caves

The Basilisk’s Caves

The Basilisk’s Caves are a mix of natural and partially-worked caves and galleries cut into the face of the Falleck Promontory overlooking the Dry Badlands of Korush. Mostly ignored these days except when a storm blows through the area forcing travellers to seek cover herein.

One of the deeper galleries (the rectangular one on the lower right with a single pillar within it) has a wide natural stone chimney opening to the surface cut by floodwaters which occasionally floods that chamber, the next gallery to the left, and then the passages along the bottom of the map to the entrance when the rains bring floods down through the promontory to water the Dry Badlands of Korush every two to four years.


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