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We have travelled down the Darkling River to finally arrive at the Darkling Lake – an underground lake of immense size that was once home to a thriving society of aboleth slaves and a few ancillary groups until a new aboleth arrived and slaughtered them and their master.

Heart of Darkling - The Hags

Heart of Darkling – The Hags

This small cove stands out from the other random coves along the lakeside because of the three bronze statues of long-haired women who reach out in supplication to travellers along the water. Each reaches out with one hand, while another hand remains behind them – the hidden hand either holding a long serrated blade or adorned with wicked long nails. The backs of the statues also show the women as deformed and twisted – thus the cove’s name as “the Hags”.

At one point, a river emptied into the Darkling from this place, and the old river cave can be followed up on the left side of the map until it collapses in on itself.

The main point of interest at the Hags, other than the statues themselves, is a small structure built into the cave wall here. Within the structure is wide well that descends to unknown depths and that is filled with the most foul sulfurous and slimy liquid. Shamans of the Darkling and neighbouring areas come here to imbibe the waters of the deeps and hallucinate while under their effects – seeking visions and omens and their spirit guides. Not all survive the poisonous drink, an not all travel here with companions who bring their bodies home, thus the Hags is also home to many a skeleton of these shamans of the deep, and perhaps a few of them linger on as undead.


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