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With the town of Toronin razed to the ground, the ruins of the small fortress are all that remain to indicate where the town was these days.

Toronin Ruins - Surface

Toronin Ruins – Surface

The mossy ruins have a few streams that wander through them to a small pond in front of what was some sort of memorial wall. The massive 30-foot block of stone is badly damaged, but it is clear that it once had carvings on it, including what appears to be the back end of a lionine beast and a helmeted form bearing a great spear.

While most of the structure is in ruins and the roofs fallen in – there remains two access points to a small dungeon beneath the ruins that remains in somewhat better shape despite the years.

Toronin Ruins - Underground

Toronin Ruins – Underground

The dungeons in turn are made up of two levels – the worked dungeons and a smaller cave beneath. Some stone work is evident in the smaller cave, but the area was never completed because it often floods when water levels are high, and there is no easy way to remove the water that accumulates down below. One room on the eastern edge of the dungeon is also cut down further into the rock (and was used as an actual dungeon) and suffers from this same wetness resulting in it being almost completely covered in a thick slime mold.


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