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Friday marked the third anniversary of the House of Worms Empire of the Petal Throne campaign I’ve been playing in – GMd by James Malizewski (author / publisher of the Excellent Travelling Volume EPT zine amongst other things).

Empire of the Petal Throne

We play once a week via Hangouts, with a player base scattered around the world (Canada, Texas, England, France). We’ve had a bit of turnover during the three years of play – with two of the original players moving on, and one later player also departing (and all are missed), and we have two players in the group now that weren’t there when we started.

Several of us are playing multiple characters, choosing which goes on an expedition based on politics and work. Our original character group are all members of the House of Worms, a Sarku worshiping lower-status clan from Sokátis. Now we are joined by a few outsiders, including an agent of the Omnipotent Azure Legion, a shen who has taken up the worship of Sarku (but who remains a warrior – just a very devout one), an albino slave pit-fighter and more.

The campaign started in Sokátis, and has travelled extensively, including a stint with us teleported to northern Yán Kór and having to work our way back home over almost a year on the road (with a major battle against the enemies of man in the Dry Bay of Ssu’úm and some hijinks with a sorceress from the distant past who continues to communicate with us in the strangest times and places), interfere with the upcoming war between Yán Kór and Tsolyanu, and then get messed up in actions between Prince Dhich’uné and Prince Mridóbu.

Now we have moved our entire group, as well as a fair number of our clanfolk of the House of Worms to the colony of Linyaró on the Southern Continent. We were “promoted” to take care of the colony by Prince Mridóbu himself and are chasing down hints of a dire cult of the Pariah Gods that we first picked up near Sokátis and have followed here.

Most of the party is level 5 now, and a few of us are getting close to level 6 (particularly my main character Grujung, the head of the House of Worms clan in Linyaro, and Aithfo, my character’s nephew who is the Governor of the colony).

We’ve gone from nobodies in the clan to the head of a new branch of the clan, the Governor of a colony city, a feared sorcerer with his undead wife (they were engaged for years after she died, finally animated her and got married recently), a potent priest of Sarku who is famous among the secret societies for having summoned an actual aspect of Sarku to battle…

It’s been a hell of a run. So far.

This last image is a photograph of my player map of our latest Empire of the Petal Throne adventure locale from Friday’s game session.

Who knows how accurate it is – the DM says it is “perfect” which generally means “close enough to make no major difference”, but for all we know we missed other secrets along the way here.

But now that we’ve probably doomed the whole world to war and destruction, we have to get out, so we’d better hope it is accurate enough that we don’t screw anything up on the attempted escape. There’s at least one tunnel on the map that was drawn based on looking into it from both ends, but that we haven’t really fully explored the full length.