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The Troll Hole

The Troll Hole

On the western edge of the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams, the stony roots of the Highspear Mountains are exposed right down to the waterline of the swamp. Most fear to travel on this side of the swamp because of tales of trolls that seem to crawl right out of the mountains. This Troll Hole is home to a few such loathsome creatures – a small stone chimney that reaches down at least a hundred feet to damp caverns below. Water still dribbles down the chimney, a constant rivulet that the trolls drink from. But don’t make a sound here, for what comes up the chimney is far more ferocious than smoke – troll after troll seem to just explode out of the top of the chimney as they climb out seeking prey.

(Thanks to Teddy Peace for the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams inspiration)


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