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We trekked through the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams and into The Jungle Beyond to find the old temple ruins. It turns out there’s a good reason to stay clear of that whole part of the Jungle Beyond. Wyverns. A whole damned family of them roosting on the temple ruins. They claw marks cover the whole structure, the stones scratched, gouged and torn down not by the erosion of weather, but of generations of these foul dragon-like beasts.

Wyvern Temple

Wyvern Temple

The Wyvern Temple is a multi-tiered structure, each tier about 7 feet above the one below. The “main” tier of the structure is thus about 21 feet above the level of the jungle, with additional structure reaching up another 30 feet into the low jungle canopy.

The whole structure is in ruins, built centuries ago and left for the jungle and the wyverns to destroy.


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