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This month’s addition to the Heart of Darkling takes us back up the Darkling to one of its tributaries and the Silver Shrines built upon it.

Heart of Darkling - Shrines of Silver

Heart of Darkling – Shrines of Silver

Inspired by dungeon architecture of Lord Kevin Campbell, these three shrines honour a set of underworld demigods unknown or at least worshiped under different names and forms on the surface. The main structure is a massive hemispherical dome built around the river itself, with shrines containing a silver statue of a demigod or godling along with an altar in each of the four niches in the room, all watched over by a massive silver eye statue on an elevated platform in the middle of the chamber.

The river flows through this chamber about 25 feet down from the floor of the chamber proper. Ladders on a few of the sides of the central structure allow for people to disembark from boats and climb into the chamber. Otherwise visitors can continue down to where a wide staircase leads down to the water.

The entire complex is “maintained” and run by a hive of exceptionally clever gazers who recite the stories of the godlings and their prayers and rituals. Perhaps something controls them from afar, or perhaps they really have ascended beyond the usual low intelligence of their kin…


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