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This is the third map in the Return to Quasqueton series where I re-imagine and remap the dungeon maps of the classic 1979 D&D adventure “In Search of the Unknown”. The three maps in the series are:

My revised map of the main level of Quasqueton (from the classic B1 module “In Search of the Unknown) just didn’t have enough space for all the rooms on that level even after reducing the amount of hallway space, and I wanted to keep it so you could access most rooms via multiple routes, avoiding other sections of the dungeon level if you need to.

Return to Quasqueton - Upper Level

Return to Quasqueton – Upper Level

So here’s the upstairs, containing two of the best-known rooms of the dungeon – the strange magical pools and the overgrown fungal garden. I purposefully placed the gardens right against the rock face. In my mind, there are metal shutters along the top of the west wall that are well concealed from the outside. These shutters have rusted shut – allowing rain water into the room without allowing sunlight.

Return to Quasqueton – Upper Level – Numbered

Return to Quasqueton – Upper Level – Numbered

I’ve also made a version of the map with the rooms numbered for use with the classic adventure module. The numbered rooms correspond with the original rooms in the adventure, and the lettered rooms are new to this map.

Both maps are 1200 dpi images with the squares being roughly 7mm per side. To make the squares 2 inches per side (appropriate size for miniatures, since the adventure uses 10 foot squares instead of 5 foot squares), you would have to blow it up about 7.25 times (which still has a resolution over 150 dpi, so it should look fine printed, although incredibly big).

I haven’t had a chance to get to the basement caves of Quasqueton yet, but I expect I’ll have them done by the end of the month so they will show up next month on the blog.


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