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Aie! It is already May and I’m still catching up on the backlog from April! Today we are bringing back one of the sillier named maps and re-releasing it under the free commercial use license thanks to the awesome crew that support my work through my Patreon campaign.

It is time to return to the Rhinoceros Containment Caves of the Iron Overlord!

Rhinoceros Containment Caves - with grid

Rhinoceros Containment Caves – with grid

The Iron Overlord (a sorcerer of some power who is never seen outside of his full plate armour) maintains this hillside structure where the rhinoceroses are experimented upon with the goal of producing a breed of brutal war rhinos. Most of the time the place is fairly quiet, observing the four rhinos in their two enclosures. But sometimes the rhinos are magically tranquilized and carried up the sloping corridor to the lab. The room adjoining the lab to the east is also twelve feet above the lab, allowing the Iron Overlord and any guests to oversee the work being done to the rhinos without getting their hands bloody.

Rhinoceros Containment Caves (no grid)

Rhinoceros Containment Caves (no grid)

The whole facility lies just outside the great city. Most of those who work within the small complex (cleaning and feeding staff) live on the outskirts of town and walk here to work while the surgeon who does the major work lives in the offices behind the viewing room. The Iron Overlord himself travels here standing upon a floating disk summoned for that purpose by his apprentices.


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