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This post is one of a series presenting the hexmaps of Baraloba and the areas around it. You can see the rest of the set here: [Baraloba and Environs].

After cutting through the Badlands of Slate, the Hewbank meanders through the slate hills to the east of Baraloba. This stony environment has the Hewbank meander significantly and form into small lakes where small valleys present themselves between the hills.

Baraloba - Along the Hewbank

Baraloba – Along the Hewbank

Another of the old giant watchtowers sits overlooking farmer’s fields on the east side of this area, and another smaller druidic farming community is nestled between forest and lake in the middle of the hex, only a few hundred yards from a massive set of standing stones that acts as the “anchor” to their community. The druids and the farmers both make use of the trading opportunities in Baraloba and generally don’t see much in the way of visitors to their own properties.

At the south edge of the map is Small Cheese Lake which was once good for fishing in, but in the last thirty years the fishing has died out here – forcing the two trolls who live in the secret cave nearby to head southeast to find more food (as they avoid both the Druids and Baraloba because they know they don’t have the trollpower to take on either settlement).

Five Hexes of Baraloba

Five Hexes of Baraloba

And here we see how the current five Baraloba hexmaps fit together. On a normal 6-mile-hex map these would be a village hex in the middle with a forest hex, badlands & ruins hex above, hills hex, and another forest hex.


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