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Summer rapidly approaches, and the Kraken seeks new lands. Today we are re-releasing this map drawn in late 2015 under the commercial use license – so welcome to Keegan’s Temple Compound.

Keegan's Temple Compound

Keegan’s Temple Compound

Temples and churches are a fairly common sight in a city, but few maintain a standing military force without having a massive structure or complex to house them in. In the case of Keegan’s Temple, the finances were not available to build a massive church / temple / armoury complex. Instead a smaller temple was built in a walled compound donated to the church.

Keegan's Temple Compound (no grid)

Keegan’s Temple Compound (no grid)

The compound has a main gate and a smaller postern gate for servants and deliveries. Wooden structures along the walls serve as stables, kitchens and barracks. The temple itself is often busy and also fairly exclusive to the order of lawful warrior-priests who reside and base there, so a smaller shrine has been built into the south wall for those who wish to give thanks to or petition the god of this temple without entering into the compound proper.

Beneath the temple itself is a small reliquary and crypt where fallen soldiers and aged priests have been interred and commemorated.


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