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The sign hanging from the tavern shows a matronly woman carrying a large mug of ale while holding a finger to her lips in the near-universal symbol for being quiet. But the tavern itself is rarely quiet – it is one of the few places in town with a dedicated stage for musicians and entertainers and thus attracts a boisterous if friendly audience.

The Quiet Margose Tavern

The Quiet Margose Tavern

The Quiet Margose is primarily made of wood, supported by 16 heavy stone pillars. The main structure is flanked by a covered biergarten on one side, and a space dedicated to the owner’s quarters and a covered wagon entry where firewood is stored on the other. The stone pillars predate the Margose and were part of a prior structure here and still bear wards against evil from the older building. The walls are whitewashed wood, and the very high roof is made of heavy beams supporting pitch-black tiles.

The Quiet Margose is purely a tavern and offers no accommodations (although it isn’t uncommon to find or or two people “napping” at the long tables by the banked fire in the early hours of the morning). The owner, Tirril Lor, is the great-nephew of the titular Margose and books the entertainment himself – leaving the acquisition and preparation of food to the Qai twins who work the kitchen and live nearby.


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