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The first review of Shadows of Forgotten Kings is in, and it dragged Gus from Dungeon of Signs out of self-imposed retirement to write it!

“A lost city jungle adventure that emphasizes both the tragedy of the city’s ancient fate and firmly roots the adventure in a swords & sorcery setting that is refreshingly mysterious and dangerous seeming compared to 5E’s default high fantasy…”

Ever since I discovered Zzarchov Kowolski’s work via Lamentations of the Flame Princess, I’ve been in awe of his adventures and adventure design. He writes adventures that are easy to run as a DM, but still feel complex and intertwined – especially from the player side of the table.

“The core mysteries of the lost city – it’s deadly insect curse is near impossible to fix, and instead creates an environment where exploration must take place at night (risking ghost panther attack in certain areas) – making it a puzzle to solve rather then an obstacle to overcome.  Puzzles and traps a a huge part of Forgotten Kings and they are generally excellent – providing opportunities to gain treasure and clues and offering players a chance to solve problems creatively without being stymied by a bad die roll.”

You can read Gus’s full review here, and you can get a copy of Shadows of Forgotten Kings for your Fifth Edition games from RPGnow.