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On Wednesday, I decided to give myself the “day off” to just play games and ignore any work or chores or whatever. Ordered out for food, and pulled out “Four Against Darkness” for the first time.

It is a solo dungeon-delving game and this was my first run through it. The book says your first run should take about an hour, with later games taking about 45 minutes, but I found my game took about 150 minutes to play through – with lots of flipping through the book. But it will definitely get quicker now that I know most of the systems in play.

Temple of the Jade Gorgon

Temple of the Jade Gorgon

I’ll be honest, this first delve felt a little too easy. Maybe I was just really lucky, so we’ll have to try a second game to be sure. But part of the problem I foresee is that as characters gain levels, the dungeons (at least in the first book) don’t – so once you’ve survived a few dungeons, you should be hell on wheels.

But I’ve got a lot of adventure modules to try out also. I’ll take the base game for another spin or two, then move on to the modules.

Highlight of this session was the Jade Gorgon. At the beginning of the encounter she turned everyone in the party to stone except the cleric. Which was good, as the cleric has the Blessing spell which reverses petrification… So I guess just one different roll would have massively changed the whole climax of the adventure.