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Our second Fifth Edition adventure is now out at RPGnow!

A Fifth Edition adventure for first and second level characters.

A sepulchral tomb.

Magical tricks and traps.

Brutish orcs guarding a vast underground treasure.

If that doesn’t sound like a first-time fantasy adventure, I don’t know what does.

Orcs in Tarodun’s Tomb is an adventure for first time players looking for a quintessential first-time D&D experience: orcs fill the role of the classic fantasy monster, and it takes place in a dungeon filled with challenges, traps, and puzzles that can be solved in a number of ways. The adventure can be finished in a single session, and provides a solid start to a new campaign.

This Fifth Edition adventure is written by Kiel Chenier (ENnie award winner for Blood in the Chocolate), and mapped by Dyson Logos (Waterdeep – Dragon Heist, Circle of Hands, Dyson’s Delves, this website you are looking at, etc). It will work to launch a 5th edition fantasy campaign in just about any setting.

So head on over to RPGnow, grab yourself a copy, and find out exactly what those orcs are up to!