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“Yes now, the Hag’s Swamp you say? It is to the southeast of the keep – mostly swampy wetlands with a few hills and a copse of fir trees. Some say there are lizard folk what live in them swamp, but I figure you stick the the higher ground and the fir trees and you can keep safe from ’em.”

The Hag's Swamp

The Hag’s Swamp

The Hag’s Swamp is best known for the lizard folk lair in the middle of it, and less well known for the giant poisonous spiders that live in the fir trees. But there are a few other points of interest marked out on this close-up of the map.

An old burned out village once belonged to fishing community on one of the river islands. When the fisherfolk fell into conflict with the lizard folk, they moved to the keep and torched the place themselves out of spite.

A second house, in much better repair, is on the edge of the forest just east of the giant spiders. Obviously the resident here has some “arrangement” with the other local creatures – while she claims it is that she offers them no competition, the reality is the swamp hag that lives here does so in peace because all other residents of the area live in fear of her.

On a hill to the northeast is a set of three black menhirs set over  a small cave. The old mound was used by the druids living among the fisherfolk, and a couple of times a month they still come together, sneak out of the keep, and return here for their rituals.


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