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Near the centre of Whispering Turtles Lake are a number of small rocky islands capped with trees. The second largest of these has been home to the small settlement of Clover since the lakeside community of Burhuie was sacked during the great war and most of the survivors escaped into the lake in a mix of rowboats and fishing craft.

The Isle of Clover

Until then, the fisher folk of Burhuie avoided the Isle of Clover because of the accursed elven ruins there. Today those ruins have been repaired and massive runes of defense and strength carved into the fortifications by the dwarves who helped settle here (although there are no longer any dwarves on the island, as they were just a single family at the time). No one lives within the fortifications proper, but they are maintained for emergencies and used for storage.

The Isle of Clover

The Isle of Clover

The people of Clover are fishers and farmers, mostly human with a bit of elven blood in the mix. The town has no actual “government”, but a significant voice is given to Acdad Yim, a resident who left the island in his youth and returned with a not insignificant sum of gold, some interesting treasures, and a potent grasp of sorcery.


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