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For the last two months I’ve been drawing something every day to learn how to draw more than just maps. Today’s piece started as the five platonic solids, and I threw in the d10 in a separate illustration to bring it up to six (even though the d10 isn’t a platonic solid).

When I combined them together, I decided to colour the set in the traditional pride colours, but I would much rather go with the 8 colours of the original pride flag (the missing colours are pink at the top for sexuality and turquoise after green for magic / art).

So the question is, which dice do I add? I love the d5, but from most angles it isn’t really immediately apparent as to what it is. The other odd-sized dice (7, 9, 11, 13, 15) are all very awkward looking. So I guess either a d16 between the 12 and 20, or a 24 or 30 at the bottom.

Which dice would you use?