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Word came back from some fishermen that there was a cog beached at Banana Bay – one of the few decent approaches to Esborough Island. So we loaded up a small expedition to check it out – it is usually pretty hard to get any of the locals to head to Esborough because of all the “haunted” ruins about the place, but their willingness to loot / rescue the ship was enough to motivate them and thus finally gave us the chance to explore the place a bit also.

Wreck at Banana Bay

Wreck at Banana Bay

But the boat was in even worse shape when we arrived – the port side burned through roughly midship, with the ruined interior of the ship laid bare to the elements. As the locals started digging through the wreckage, we climbed up the low cliff face and up to the ruined tower that looks down on the bay. Within we found the burned bodies of a half dozen sailors, and the first of the cinder wraiths. They look like smoke with embers floating within them, vaguely humanoid in form. They travel on the wind, they strike with fierce anger and a fiery hatred for the living.

We left several of our people behind as we abandoned the island again to the burning dead. They can keep the cog, and whatever was in that locked chest in the tower…

MissGladiator’s mother gave me this leather-bound “banana paper” notebook that she picked up in Cuba. I wanted to try it out – but the paper is so coarse that it actually shattered the felt nib on a micron, so I’ll have to try using it exclusively with my gel pens and see how that works. I love the paper thickness (about 3-4 times as thick as 100 pound cardstock), but it is hard to work with.


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