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Drew this map during tonight’s D&D game (player map, so not 100% accurate to the DMs map).

We had decided to take over this little island fortress of dwarven design as a safe place to sleep because it had been a long (and painful) day of adventure so far. Of course, such a nice little fortification already had someone squatting in it (we call the lizard person Zuul, because it has mastered the use of keys and had every bloody door in the place locked)…

When it told us to leave, and had zero interest in letting us crash there for the night, it turned into a home invasion and we sent them packing (unhurt!) into the night.

The highlight though, was going into the fish storage room and animating the smoked eels with an animate dead spell. Zombie smoked eels were then tasked to guard the water entrance to the fortifications and keep Zuul away while we slept.

Because really, who expects to be attacked by delicious smoked undead unagi, right?