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I’ve been posting the individual Caves of Chaos redrawn in my style (Caves A-F) (Caves G-K) – so this was pretty much inevitable. Here they are all collected into a single massive map. This was done at 1200 dpi at ledger size (11 x 17 inches) so you can print it out, fold it in half, and slip it into your module (probably between the cover and the module proper).

Each of these files is roughly 6 megs, far larger than most of the maps posted to the blog. Click on them to get to the full-sized 1200 dpi version.

The Caves of Chaos - Assembled

The Caves of Chaos – Assembled

Originally I made this just as an accessory to go with the original map and adventure. Something a little more clear to my eyes without the contour lines, trees, numbers, and in black instead of blue because I’m an old man and my eyes just don’t like the low-contrast blue. I also didn’t include pit traps, so the maps could be used by those who want them on the table.

The Caves of Chaos - Numbered

The Caves of Chaos – Numbered

But for ease of use, I realized that the room numbers could come in handy. So I made a numbered version to help those DMs who want it. And then, because I know I’m in the minority in my hatred of the blue maps… I finally broke down and made a blue one for y’all.

The Caves of Chaos - Blue

The Caves of Chaos – Blue

So enjoy your adventures through the Caves of Chaos. I’ve been going there regularly since 1979.


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