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If you are a patron of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign, I just uploaded this month’s backstage pass.

Generally speaking I upload maps to the blog in batches of 8 to 12 maps at a time, and then schedule their release. Supporters of the Patreon Campaign at the $1 level and above (which includes all new patrons now, because Patreon got rid of the ability to sign up at a sub-$1 tier anymore) get a zip file of the maps when I upload them. For the last two years this has been at the beginning of every month as I’ve sort of gotten into a schedule for my blog work.

So, if you are impatient for my maps (or just want the convenience of a monthly zip file of the high resolution versions), check out the Patreon Campaign. All money raised goes directly to… well… everything I do. We like to call it “The Feed Dyson Fund”.