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A few years ago I tried to take on #Inktober (or was it #Drawlloween?) with sharpies and pens and managed to get partway through the month before other things interfered. Last year I decided to map my way through Inktober & Mapvember (61 maps in 61 days – that’s a hefty chunk of the 150-170 maps I draw every year!).

So I bought some new sharpie markers (because I really like the freedom that comes with a fat black free-flowing marker) and decided I’d try drawing something, ANYTHING, every day. It started simple, with elements from the various games I was playing in (my cleric in the Monday Labyrinth Lord game I’m in runs an undead horse driven coach line, and my priest in the Tuesday NeoClassical Geek Revival game was talking about the might and majesty of Crom).

It didn’t take long (four days?) before I was adding detail work with my usual felt-tipped technical pens and exploring elements from a variety of games I am or have been involved in. And from that it wasn’t much of a leap into drawing stuff meant to go INTO those games and books. To try to work on a style that could be used for illustrations for games. Hell, to establish a “style” at all instead of a continued series of doodles and drawings.

So now I look back and I’ve got 113 days of these daily drawings. The images in this post are the first 13 of these daily drawings in chronological order. I post them as I draw them to my various social media streams (Google+, Twitter, Facebook), and will collect them into posts of a dozen or so that I’ll put up on the blog every few days until I’m caught up, then I’ll probably do a collected drawings post for each week going forward – until I burn out on the Daily Drawing grind and move on to something else.