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Viktor Hevlod is a person who wears many hats – he is the assistant to the guildmaster of the mason’s guild; master of the yellow dagger within the assassin’s guild; inner council member of the order of the blue star (who perform a lot of charity work in the city); and he manages to find enough time to actually practice his stonework in all that.

Hevlod Manor

Hevlod Manor

But really, being a high ranking member of both the Assassin’s Guild and the Order of the Blue Star (who’s charity work is mostly a cover for their other work in the name of the dark ophidian gods of yore), it won’t be much of a surprise when his plans or actions come into conflict with any group of local meddlers.

Investigating Viktor will generally turn to his family home, Hevlod Manor. Built entirely of stone (befitting his guild status and the teams of younger masons he employs), Hevlod Manor is a sprawling single-story structure with heavy walls built in a moderately upscale neighborhood. The manor boasts an attached carriage-house, yard, gardens, and several wings for family members and associates. Only minimal staff actually lives here – in the carriage house – with other servants and staff coming and going throughout the day and night.

Since Viktor often entertains here, he keeps the place fairly impeccable, and never allows the secret aspects of the Blue Star nor the Assassin’s Guild to be visible to visitors (including those who “accidentally” get lost in the more private parts of the structure). In fact, Viktor Hevlod keeps everything so close the the chest, that the only time you are likely to confirm that he’s up to all these nefarious schemes is to run afoul of them in person…


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