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Now we are a month into the daily drawings. It was somewhere around this point that I stopped calling them “Daily Doodles” and switched to “Daily Drawings”. The media by this point is moving away from the Sharpie markers as the primary instrument, and more towards focusing on detail work done with a 08 technical pen – generally only the outlines and major chunks of black space are done with the sharpie now.

Some pieces, like the tower and hill on the right, are done entirely using a black gel pen – a call back to how I started doing my cartography here on the blog.

But this set of three also points out the big change at this one-month point. That centre piece is a redraw of the logo of Neoclassical Geek Revival. At this time, Zzarchov was in the middle of his launch of the new edition of that RPG, and one of the offerings is versions of the game illustrated entirely by one artist. At the time of the Kickstarter launching there was the classic edition using old public domain art, and the Scrap Princess edition. Stretch goals unlocked versions by Alex Mayo, Chris Huth, Luka Rejec, and myself.

So suddenly I had a lot of illustrations to draw! The vast majority of the illustrations from the third week through to about day 110 of the Daily Drawing process ended up being shipped off to be included in the Dyson Logos edition of the Neoclassical Geek Revival RPG.

I’ve also really started settling in on one style at this point – heavy black lines and outlines drawn with the Sharpie, with lots of crinkly little details drawn with either a gel pen or a technical pen. With the set of three drawings below, we are now 41 days into my Daily Drawing exercise (which continues – I posted drawing 120 to my social media feeds last night).