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Above the waterfall on the Azer river is an outcropping of pink granite with a small flat plateau atop it. J’cob Wyvernseeker earned his title here as his travelling companions from Elk Harbor watched him climb the rock and be picked up by a wyvern that he then flew across the sea to the west.

Some say he was just killed up there by a passing wyvern, and the stories of his travelling companions were just fanciful tales to get them an extra drink or two at the tavern.

Wyvernseeker Rock

Wyvernseeker Rock

Regardless, the landmark also marks the location of a small “dungeon” – a set of passages and stairs that are used to cross both the Azer river and avoid the waterfall in the process. The passages of Wyvernseeker Rock are damp and foul – the stonework probably dwarven, but never completed.

This map was inspired by the module “Eye of the Serpent”, an AD&D1e adventure published in 1984 that I recently played through with the Monday Night Labyrinth Lord group. The maps in that adventure were drawn by Geoff Wingate / Paul Ruiz and it is specifically his style of rock face that I’m trying to emulate in this map.


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