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Perched out in a small lake in the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams is a small stony island keep only a hundred or so feet from shore. Surrounded by the heavy swamp forests, the island and keep are only visible when you fly overhead or manage to get to the shore of the nameless lake.

Greth's Island Keep

Greth’s Island Keep

Built with a combination of magic and bullywug slave labour, the small keep on the nameless lake was meant to be Greth’s place of refuge as he studied the effects of the Swamp of Forgotten Dreams. But as with most who decide to live in the swamp, Greth long ago ceased to be an impartial observer and has instead found himself in a strange nightmare, no longer remembering why he is here, trapped on this small island refuge surrounded by the timeless swamp and the strange creatures that wander it.

Ever since I started practicing drawing and illustrating, I’ve been enjoying the heavy smooth lines of working with a Sharpie marker. So occasionally I take the marker to my map work. This map is inspired in a large part by the small island keep in the Eye of the Serpent module which I also drew in this style while exploring it in a recent Monday night game session.


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