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This month’s map of Prince’s Harbour is set at the outlet of the Gnoll’s Ear River into the Prince’s Harbour itself off the Flindhome River. Land along the Gnoll’s Ear is rough and rocky, making it poor farmland in most cases except in small stretches where significant soil has built up.

Prince's Harbour - Map 2

Prince’s Harbour – Map 2

The Gnoll’s Ear has a bad reputation, a rough current, and a lot of rocks, so few homes are built along it proper – instead most people build homes nearby, tucked into the forest or along the roads outside of the main streets of Prince’s Harbour itself just to the north. Properties here are a mix of subsistence farming and lower class residential for those who work for the craftsfolk and richer families in town.

The main reason adventurers may find themselves in this area is a passing interest in the burned ruins of a major structure on the partial peninsula formed by the Gnoll’s Ear, or just when travelling through the area.

Prince's Harbour - Map 2 (no hexes)

Prince’s Harbour – Map 2 (no hexes)

The ruins were a three-story stone manor house and outbuildings – there used to be a road between them and Jendson’s Mine on Map 1, but it is almost entirely lost to nature now. The ruins have been used as a meeting place and “haunted ruins” dares by the youth of Prince’s Harbour for a couple of generations now, so everyone would be quite surprised if it turned out that there was indeed a secret haunted basement to the structure that can only be found by someone carrying the magical key to it.

Each hex on the map is roughly 100 feet face-to-face. The Prince’s Harbour maps are the first set of maps on the blog drawn entirely digitally in Photoshop – which has been a learning curve for me. Because I was in the middle of a major learning curve drawing this, they are being released as 300dpi jpgs instead of my usual 1200 dpi pngs. There will be a total of 9 maps in the set when complete.


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