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Sometimes you just need a dungeon that tells every other dungeon how you feel about them. Or a substitute level in a larger adventure when the original level was just a massive pain in the ass (I’m looking RIGHT AT YOU, “the Nightmare Maze of Jigresh”).

Fuck Your Dungeon

Fuck Your Dungeon

Or perhaps you have learned that your DM is about to run you through the Tomb of Horrors, again, with extra horrors and less treasure.

In that case, I would probably wear the T-Shirt to the session, or perhaps drink from the mug. I’ve stuck this design on a variety of products through Redbubble. (Note that because of RedBubble’s rules regarding the F-word, there’s an adult filter to get through to see the products on the site.)

While you are there, there are also a bunch of other designs I’ve posted to the site over the last year to check out.

This dungeon design was triggered by a recent Twitter thread where Gil Ramirez was reminiscing on the classic “Dungeon of FU” I posted almost three years ago.


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