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Amid a crush of deadlines and other work, I made some changes recently to reduce my stress levels. Among them was cancelling my Fifth Edition Delves line of adventures. While I enjoyed both titles released in the line, and had additional titles in progress at the time, the reality is that the line wasn’t making enough money for me to be able to assign it a dedicated project manager.

With my current schedule of commissioned cartography and my Patreon work, I can’t dedicate the time needed to growing a line like this – and the line isn’t profitable enough to pay someone else to handle it for me.

The line grossed a total of just under $2,500 since launch (almost evenly split between the two adventures – although Kiel did edge out Zzarchov ever so slightly), which is fine for a hobby product, but not sustainable mixed in with my full-time cartography work.

I love working with Kiel and Zzarchov who wrote the adventures, and with Jensen who did the layout on Kiel’s, and with D.L. Johnson doing art, and hope to work with them all again in the future, but as it stands I’m much happier not having to deal with this and instead being able to focus exclusively on map making again for a while.

You can still pick up both titles from DriveThruRPG: