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Vance is at it again over at his blog “Leicester’s Ramble“. He’s taken the map of Wyvernseeker Rock and written up four nice short adventures / extended encounters that use it.

Wyvernseeker Rock

Wyvernseeker Rock

The selection of adventures include:

  • the classic “temple overrun by goblins” (and even here it has a great touch in the form of a captured giant lizard and the leader of the goblins can command by consuming his potion of animal control)
  • a despoiled barrow that is now poisoning the river and those who drink from it
  • (my personal favourite) an old rangers’ watch that is currently used by strange mechanical men to contain some mind-bending alien creature within
  • and finally the home of a wise hermit who can help the party to find whatever MacGuffin they are questing for this week.

Totally worth investigating the four and putting them aside for when you need a quick evening of adventure.

[“Trespassing in Dyson’s World – Wyvernseeker Rock” @ Leicester’s Ramble]